Our Clients

As a safety servicing company based in Nigeria, we have a broad cliental base, both Oil Companies and Servicing companies that operates equipments such as Tug Boats, Servicing Boats, Passenger Vessels, Tankers, Drilling Rigs, Platforms etc., and a host of other cooperate bodies. Today, because of the quality of services Seafloat have rendered to a couple of well known corporate establishments, we have invariably kept a very high standard record that has so enlarged the list of our clients. Among whom are, but not limited to

Sedco Forex (Trans Ocean),
Elf Producing (Nig.) Services (Nig.) Limited,
Ponticelli (Nig.) Limited,
Panalpina, Saipem (Nigeria) Limited,
Noble Drilling (Nigeria) Limited,
Mallard Bay Drilling Company Limited,
Wilbros (Nig.) Limited,
Tidex (Nig.) Limited,
Nigeria Liquified National Gas (NLNG),
Mobil Producing Unlimited,
Gulf Agency Company Limited,
Niscco Oil Field Engineers,
Adamac Marine Services Limited,
Walvis (Nig.) limited,
Smith (Nig.) Limited,
International Oil Field Services (IOSL),
Seacraft Marine Industry.