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The OSS Suit meets the requirements of SOLAS 111/32.3 which states that there should be a survival suit for every person on board a cargo or bulk carrier operating above 20° North and below 20° South.

The OSS Suit is fast and simple to don, with close fitting high stretch neoprene to dramatically reduce air entrapment, which also ensures a high level of in water performance when used in conjunction with an approved lifejacket.

The OSS Suit design gives the wearer a high degree of manoeuvrability especially in the water where the tailored shape reduces the effort required to swim.

Dual gloves provide the requirements for manual dexterity, along with thermal insulation.

The OSS Suit also includes the latest in zipper technology from RiRi, providing reduced maintenance and a longer life.

Heavy duty ribbed soles are fitted to the socks to provide maximum protection for the feet.
  • Standard or Harness version
  • Close fitting
  • No ankle or waist straps
  • Full face seal
  • Good peripheral vision
  • Donning instructions printed on bag
  • SOLAS grade retro reflective tape fitted to hood, arms and legs
  • Simple to don
  • Easy to use zipper handle
  • Low maintenance zipper
  • Excellent dexterity
  • Heavy duty ribbed soles on feet for maximum protection
SizeHeightPart No.
Small 1.45 - 1.75mTBA
Medium1.50 - 1.80mTBA
Universal 1.60 - 1.90m TBA
Large1.75 - 2.05mTBA
Small (with harness)1.45 - 1.75mTBA
Medium (with harness)1.50 - 1.80mTBA
Universal (with harness)1.60 - 1.90m TBA
Large (with harness)1.75 - 2.05mTBA
Technical Information:
Material:High stretch flame retardant 5mm neoprene
Inner Glove:Latex 5 fingered
Outer Glove:Neoprene 2 finger
Packed Size:Weight approximately 3kg
Bag Dimensions: 52cm x 29cm
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