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*O.6kg require 1 of each
**1.1kg require 2 of each
MICRO-K Electrical System

The electrical system is actuated by either the remote control panel or by a push button electrical switch. This system allows multiple units to be connected together, up to a maximum of ten. The units are required to be wired in series and an electrical diode is required for each unit.

The optional control panel can actuate two units simultaneously and offers both visual and audible alarms. A fire detection cable is required and is available in three lengths. The panel also has a system self test function.

TypePart No.
0.6 Micro-K GeneratorFIR0830
1.1 Micro-K GeneratorFIR0835
Control PanelFIR0890
Caution SignFIR0855
4m Fire Detection CableFIR0894
6m Fire Detection CableFIR0896
12m Fire Detection CableFIR0898
0.6kg Model Mounting Bracket Uni-Strut Channel*FIR0875
0.6kg Model Mounting Bracket Uni-Strut Clamp*FIR0855
1.1kg Model Mounting Bracket Uni-Strut Channel**FIR0879
1.1kg Model Mounting Bracket Uni-Strut Clamp**FIR0881
Type0.6Kg Models1.1Kg Models
Volume protected (A-B-C)1.9m33.8m3
Volume protected (B-C)5.7m311.3m3
MCA Compliant Volume (B-C)5.1m39.4m3
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