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Lifebuoy Accessories

Lifebuoy Brackets

Stainless Steel 'U' Bracket Part No: LBU0068
Galvanised 'Y' Bracket Part No: LBU0105
Lifebuoy Wire Bracket

Part No: LBU1000
Horseshoe Lifebuoy Drogue and Pocket
Dayglow drogue in nylon fabric for fitting to danbuoys or horseshoe lifebuoys in hanging pocket.
Part No: LBU0300
Buoyant Heaving Line
8mm buoyant heaving line. Sold per metre.

Line per metre Part No: LBU0065
30m floating line with clip Part No: LBU0063
Ocean Rescue Line
  • 24" or 30" options
  • Contains 20m/30m line
  • Fits inside lifebuoy
  • Opaque colour for longer rope life
24" (20m) Part No: LBU0096
30" (30m) Part No: LBU0094
Trem Line
  • Extremely accurate
  • Underarm action
  • Weight 720g
  • 20m line
  • Buoyant
  • Repackable
  • Bracket also available
Ex Bracket Part No: SAF0025
Bracket Part No: SAF0027
Snatch Grips
Simple to fit lifebuoy holders. Supplied in a pack of 3.

Part No: LBU0067
Rescue Can
Lightweight and compact with moulded handle. Easy to throw. Attached floating line.

Part No: LBU0025
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