Our Engineers are trained overseas by the OEM to service, Repair and re-certify ZODIAC Inflatable/Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBO). We also stock a range of SOLAS Rigid Inflatable Boats RIBO 450, RIBO 420 and RIBO 600

Our RIBO 600 SOLAS Boat has the following features:

This Boat is conventionally a 6 man Inflatable boat. 6.00 m long and is equipped with a self righting system. It can be launched using a 4 point sling and approved release hook. The RIBO 600 is a SOLAS rigid/inflatable rescue boat approved with USCG and EC approval certificates.

Advanced Features of SurvitecZodiac rescue boat

  • Length: 6.00 m
  • Capacity 6 Man
  • Launched by means of a 4 point sling and approved release hook
  • Self righting frame

Our personnel are well trained and certified by the OEM to service repair and Re-certify these brands of Rescue Boats. The state of the art custom built facility meets the standard required to carry out such services.