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World leaders in safety and survival technologies, ACR Electronics founded in 1956 set out with the aim to provide the best electronic life support and signalling equipment modern technology could devise. Now as world leaders at the forefront of this industry, ACR provide support to a diverse range of clients from the NASA Space Program to commercial and leisure water users, aviators, climbers, hikers and expeditions around the world.

EPIRB: Emergency Positioning Radio Beacon
A 406 MHz EPIRB broadcasts on that frequency and is capable of transmitting a unique coded signal identifying the carrying vessel.
Category 1 EPIRB:Type of 406 MHz EPIRB which will automatically deploy and activate when in contact with water. The unit can also be manually deployed and activated.
Category II EPIRB:Type of 406 MHz EPIRB which is manually deployed. The EPIRB will automatically activate when in contact with water and not in its bracket.
Class 1 EPIRB:An EPIRB which is rated for operation in extreme cold climates (48 hours @ -40°C, -40°F.)
Class 2 EPIRB:An EPIRB which is rated fro operation in more temperate climates (48 hours @ -20°C, -4°F.)
SART: Search and Rescue Transponder.
This device amplifies a radar's signal and returns it with an enhanced signature on the radar's screen that includes a line of 12 blips, designed to attract the attention of the operator.
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