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Seafloat offer a wide range of medical equipment for commercial vessels to categories A, B or C and specialist uses.

Commercial First Aid Categories
Category AFor vessels operating more than 150 miles from a port.
Category BFor vessels operating less than 150 miles from a port but if within rescue service range the distance can be extended.
Category CFor vessels operating less than 60 miles from a port. (This category includes lifeboats and commercial liferafts.)

Additional Equipment
Ships Captain's Medical GuideMED0150
St John's First Aid ManualMED0157
First Aid at Sea ManualMED0155
Emergency Dental First Aid KitMED0400
Thermal foil blanketSUR0182
Anti sea sickness tabletsSUR0005
Sea sickness bagsSUR0180

Category A and B First Aid Kits can be quoted. Please telephone Seafloat with number of crew and area of operation.

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