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    Micro-K employs three extinguishing mechanisms:
  • Oxygen is displaced by the formation of inert gas.
  • Heat is absorbed by the decomposition/vapourisation of the particles.
  • Heat is absorbed by the decomposition/vapourisation of the particles.
  • Extremely Powerful Fire Suppression Technology.
  • Low life cycle cost.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • No pressurised cylinder.
  • Low life cycle cost.
  • Zero ozone depletion potential.
  • Zero global warming potential.

The Micro-K aerosol generator is a revolutionary extinguishing agent that provides an effective, innovative alternative to traditional gaseous extinguishing agents, such as Halon, FM200 and CO2.

How it Works: Fire is a chain reaction that is sustained by three factors, fuel, oxygen and heat, which form the basic fire triangle. Remove any one of the factors and the chain reaction stops. Micro-K employs solid particulate technology. When actuated the solid breaks down into particles of powder suspended in a gaseous product. The particles are so fine that they may remain suspended in the protected zone for several minutes to several hours.

Micro-K systems have been certified to be used on:
1. The Code of Practice for safety of Small Commercial Motor or Sailing Vessels of up to 24 m load line length.
2. The Code of Practice for the safety of Small Workboats & Pilot Boats
3. The Fishing Vessels (Safety Provision) Rules 1975 for craft less than 24.4 m Registered Length.
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